Asiakastarina: John Hutchins


Kesäkuun asiakastarinassa päästetään ääneen John Hutchins, jolle tulee kohta vuosi täyteen CrossFitin parissa. Tällä kertaa tarina tulee Johnin itsensä kertomana englanniksi. 


Why I think Crossfit may be the perfect sport? It doesn’t matter how many reps you do or what weight you lift. And herein lies what is unquestionably the spirit of Crossfit. Everyone does their best regardless of level and in doing so gain the respect of all. Respect which is echoed to all throughout the CrossFit community. Post training session high-fives to all in your group was quite common pre-Covid. And to an outsider it may seem childish but when you have given your all and laying in a heap on the mat, congratulations from a stranger or friend is quite welcome and strangely energizing. One thing I find most rewarding after class is that the physical exhaustion is easily overshadowed by endorphin rush and natural high. 


Another element of this sport which bears mentioning is the quality of the trainers. Despite class numbers of up to 16, they always lead everyone through a thorough warm-up and even during the most strenuous parts somehow manage to monitor everyone, giving encouragement and most importantly ensuring your form stays correct. To my mind this is the mark of a true professional and our club should be commended. 


Aside from respect for yourself and that of others, what else can you expect? Without a doubt increased fitness level. My personal journey over the last year was losing several kilos of something (which was not muscle) and replacing with about 3 kilos of actual muscle. It’s likely you’ll discover muscles you forgot you have. You will experience improved flexibility of all your joints and finally a larger social circle (should you choose). 


For those older folk with crispy joints and worn tendons, scaling down of exercises is arranged during the class time. So if you can’t lift 50 kilos, try 20 or 10 or 5. It really doesn’t matter, no one is judging you and everyone accepts you are doing your best. Isn’t that what sport should really be like?